In the Garden of Eden


In the Garden of Eden, or to be more specific:

The Little - Known Original Version of verses 27 and 28 of the Book Genesis.

27One fine day Eve came up to God and said: "Oh God, I have a problem."
God returned: "What is thy problem, oh child?"
"God, I know Thou hast created me, Thou gavest this wonderful garden to me, Thou gavest me all these wonderful animals and Thou hast throwen in even this silly snake. But ... still I feel not happy at times."

"Why art thou not happy, my daughter?" came the question from above.
"Oh God, I feel so lonely and I can't bear the sight of those apples any longer."
"Well, Eve my daughter, I think there is something I can do for thee. I will create MAN!"
"But what is this thing, MAN Thou speakest of, oh God?" Eve asked and sounded a bit uncertain.

"Well", God mused, "this creature will be quite hairy. It will have lots of faults; it will lie to you, it will cheat on you, it will be vain and conceited. Methinks, it will make life difficult for you.
"But it will be stronger than you, it will stand taller and it will move faster. It will hunt and kill animals; it will look quite ridiculous when it is excited, but since you are not happy, I will see that it can satisfy your bodily needs, too.

"It will have no humour at all and loves to do childish things like fight against other MEN or run after a round thing across the pasture.
"It won't be too clever, it will need your guidance to be reasonable."

"That sounds too thrilling to be true" Eve said ironically "but tell me, oh God, where is the snag?"

"Well, thou canst have this thing but on one condition" God said severely.
"What condition, please, oh God?" Eve asked.

"As I mentioned, this MAN will be vain and conceited. It will admire itself most .... therefore thou must let itself believe that IT was first, that I created MAN before I created woman. That thou must promise me, it will remain a secret amongst us WOMEN."
28And God said to Eve: "Understood? Good, now be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth."

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