About Me

chris_more_recentMy name is Chris Hoefliger and I live in Switzerland. I was born in December 1950. I have been married to Christine for almost 40 thirty years now and we have two kids, born back in the '80 of the last century.

Both of our kids have flown the scoop and are now raising families of their own.

Christine and me live alone now in a terrace house in a small village not far from Zurich.

My hobbies? well, of course, this is one of them, building web sites. There's more: family(ies), skiing, reading, listening to classical music, going to concerts, travelling around the world ...

Lots and lots of things, same as most other people I guess. I'm retired these days, but still my days are filled with things to do.








Myself as a baby

This is me, too, a couple of years younger than I am now. Already kicking wildly, yes, but still with longer dreams and shorter pants (well - nappies that is).
Looking thoughtful and slightly amused, as if to say: Isn't life just too beautiful and ain't I cute? Wait till I'm big enough to raise hell.

Well, I'm boasting, I know. I can't for the life of me remember the occasion when this picture was taken. It's one of a series my daddy took and not all of them are as flattering as this.

And it still makes me feel tender when I see the sort of nappies I was obliged to wear in those days.








chris as baby 1

Yep, again still myself. Perhaps politically not quite correct, to be sure.

But such things were of no concern whatsoever in those lucky days (when man was bold and gave nor fuck), whether to me nor to my dad who kindly took this saucy picture.

All in black-and-white; Kodachrome was available in those days - but there was a hefty price tag to it.