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This page is divided in several sections. As I live in Switzerland, I think it is appropriate that my Swiss section be first. Things are not necessarily ordered according to any schemes. I try regularly to ensure that all links work. Should you discover dead links, please drop me a line and let me know. Many thanx.


Confoederatio Helvetica Huh? Yeah, this is the official Home Page of the Swiss Government (in English)
Swiss Tourism A holiday in Switzerland? No problem! See this page for details (in English)
Swissinfo News about Switzerland (in English)
Community of Buchs ZH Website of the village I live in
TicketCorner Order tickets for almost any event in Switzerland on-line
SBB Travel Online Public Transport System of Switzerland, Time tables and information
Zurich Transport System Public Transport System Zurich, Time tables and information



www.a-zitatours.com If you plan a holiday in Western Canada or Alaska, be sure to have a look here first

Ye Olde Kingdom

Great-Britain, the Web Site The first page to see about tourism in Britain
U.K. Railways on the net Time tables for trains in the U.K.
The Good Webguide London The Good Web Guide is the definitive guide to the best sites on the internet
British Museum The world-famous museum on the Web
National Gallery in London Again a must if you visit London, especially if you are interested in Impressionists
Kriscruisers How about a boat trip on the Thames? I did it
Maidenhead.net This is a town on the River Thames, width lots of links to other sites
Cookham Village A village on the River Thames, nice surroundings
Marlow Small town on the Royal River, upstream from Cookham

Places Of Interest

Fourmilab.ch One of my favourites. See for yourselves
NASA Web Portal of the National Space Agency of the U.S.
NASA Planetary Photo Journal Interesting pictures from outer space
Hubble Heritage Project Gallery Page Interesting articles and pictures from the Hubble telescope
The National Geographic Society Lots of interesting things to be seen and to be learned
Encyclopedia Britannica Find interesting articles on almost everything
Le Louvre The famous museum in Paris
Offthemark Mark Parisi Cartoons

Web Design

Perlmasters.com Perl and CGI script site
Favicon.com Get an icon for your web site
Favicon Generator Create your own Favicon here
Namesecure.com Register your web address and forwarding here

Windows & Knowledge

Microsoft Knowledge Base Get answers to your MS problems from the Knowledge Base
Driver Zone Latest drivers for Windows
Windows Registry Guide Get answers to your Windows registry problems. Tips & Tricks
Internet FAQ Consortium What's in all these RFC papers? Look here!