Every time I hear the "Squeaking Wheelbarrow", I know that there is some more work approaching. People are constantly unloading work they have started, but don't want to finish at my office door. Well, I'm nearing retirement now, so they can't lick me much longer. Still, this calls for some humor:

Like it or not, on this page you find things that I think funny.



As 'Ye Olde Wheelbarrow' spins and spins, this page starts growing longer and longer and I finally felt there was some need for structure. So this is what I did: I split this page up in sections.

Computers and Software


Creation or how God Created Ye Olde Computer.

The Gospel According to Gates A Christmas Carol, courtesy of Mr. Gates.

Gates in Heaven Bill Gates knocking at the doors of Heaven.

Shakespeare à la Microsoft
Find out the real McBill play, never completed by the great Playwright.

Is Windows a Virus ? What you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask, courtesy of Mr. Gates.

Windows Error Messages
Some of these you have probably not yet encountered...

Salesmen is something about Salesmen and Software Engineers and the Empire of the Bill.

If Microsoft sold cars What a frightening pespective! Find out more.

System Admins vs. Santa Claus Do they have anything in common ? Find out more.

A Question of Support Normally you are not amused by the behaviour of support people. But have you ever considered the other end? Find out more.

The Computer Novice's Vade Mecum Perhaps not everything, but some of the things, facts and technical terms that are never explained to the newcomer.

L'ordinateur How stundents learn French - and about computers

Windows Source Code Why Bill Gates wants to keep this a secret

Morning Prayer The computer user's little morning prayer from the common prayer book of Gates.

Mr Darwin & Mr Murphy

Murphology You know Edsel G. Murphy? No, you may have heard about Murphy's Law. Things often tend to go from bad to worse, and Murphy recognised and phrased that.

Darwin Award Learn about the famous Darwin Award: This year's winner portrayed.

Product Labels Some people want to make sure you understand the writing on the wall....

Private Communication? about the hassels of e-mail.

The Barometer Problem about the hassels of obtaining a Nobel Prize.

4 feet and 8 1/2 inches The secret of railway track gauges revealed.

Questionnaire If you have recently bought a fighter plane you might recognize this....

Bourne End-isms


Bourne End-isms is a collection of things people involved in a software project have uttered at times of distress.

Murphy in C++ is a supplement to Bourne End-isms. It describes the struggles of a software engineer in getting things he doesn't know about, just about right.

St. John's INI is also a supplement to Bourne End-isms.

Gourmet Jokes


The Spoon A selected joke.

Nuts to You Another selected joke.

Just a Glass of Water Still another selected joke.

Blondes Are you a blonde? Keep away from this - You won't like it

In the Garden of Eden
Another selected joke.

Italian Letter
A letter from an Italian tourist who is not quite satisfied with his hotel in London.

High Anxiety Tower? We have an emergency ...

And all the rest...


One Night Stand and other delights The Mark Parisi section.

The Hole A Maths Riddle. See, what you can make of it - proof?

Five Questions the caring wife should never ask her husband.

George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States of America - an hommage.

Answering Machines
Some really good texts for your telephone answering machine.

Are you an American?
Find out with this simple multiple joice test!

Bumper Stickers These are the funny ones.

About chocolate Find out why chocolate is much better than sex.

Amazing Discoveries The most amazing things you always wanted to know.